Smart meters being fitted in UK homes will make energy use more visible, but it is not clear if technology alone will be enough to reduce energy consumption. An Energy Saving Trust survey recently revealed that three quarters of the public support smart meters and the sharing of energy use data. The government hopes to...
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Energy Saving LED's
Many homeowners are looking at as many ways as possible to reduce their carbon footprint and take responsibility for discovering new green energy solutions for their way of living. Most Oxfordshire homeowners not only want to reduce their household bills, but also want to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint – and both are achievable....
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household electrical services in witney
Household electrical services include design and installation services indoor and outdoor to your home. We can look after rewiring, switch and socket fittings, fitting new lights and chandeliers, lighting for security, power sockets and fuse board replacements. SE Electrical Services also cover some of the bigger projects which should always be carried out by a...
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Did you know that the legal regulations for electrical installations in Scotland and Northern Ireland are not the same to those in England and Wales? If electricians are completing installations in England and Wales, they have to abide by the Building Regulations, whereas Scotland have to keep to the Building Standards system and Northern Ireland...
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will electric heating supersede gas for
Industry experts have forecasted that the number of electrical boilers and electrical heating system installations will surpass their gas counterparts within the next few years. The subjective prediction was made after a member of the Association of Registered Gas Installers communicated to H&V News that more residential landlords and homeowners were replacing their gas boilers...
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It’s every family’s nightmare. Toddler Lucie Wilding was following her mother to the car to go on the school run when she was hit by a cyclist who was riding on the pavement, and dragged along the floor. The cyclist fell off his bike, before riding away without an apology. Lucie escaped with cuts and...
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