Household electrical services

household electrical services in witney

Household electrical services include design and installation services indoor and outdoor to your home. We can look after rewiring, switch and socket fittings, fitting new lights and chandeliers, lighting for security, power sockets and fuse board replacements. SE Electrical Services also cover some of the bigger projects which should always be carried out by a registered electrician:

  • Electrical Faults – Whether you need a new fuse board or there is dangerous wiring that needs replacing, fault finding is part of our expertise.
  • External Power & Lighting – I you need lighting fitted outdoors, in your garage or out-buildings, then we can safely install external power.
  • Cables – Phone, cable or data wiring installations.
  • Power for New Buildings – SE Electrical Services can safely install power to new buildings. We can provide new sockets, lighting points and complete wiring for new builds.
  • Kitchen Installations – Whether you need a cooker point installation or a new extractor, we can provide safe installation for all your kitchen needs.
  • Security Alarms – Home security alarm installation.
  • Smoke Alarms – All homes should be kept safe with a good quality smoke and fire alarms on each floor of the house. Our team will ensure your smoke alarm is positioned correctly and working properly.
  • Bathroom Installations – We can fit and wire showers and extractor fans in your bathroom.
  • Systems – Complete house set up for systems such as audio or video installation and wiring.
  • Emergency Call Outs – If you have an emergency, then we operate a one-hour call out service and an out of hours call out service.

Whether you need electrical repairs in your home, or a full rewiring of your house, SE Electrical Services can offer just about every electrical service possible.

household electrical services

House Rewiring

If you’ve recently purchased a new house, then you may know that electrics should always be checked as they can be a serious fire hazard. Properties older than 25 years old need to be checked to ensure that wiring is up to date and complies with the buildings regulation. Inspections on electric circuits should always be done before you buy to make certain the wiring is safe, or if any work needs to be done then you can get an estimate of the cost involved. It is always advised that rewiring should be done before renovating, redecorating or plastering takes place. When should rewiring take place? If the wiring in the property is older than 25-30 years, it’s likely that it will need rewiring to meet current standards because the wiring could be dangerous. If you are making alterations or remodelling your home where you will need to rewire part or all of it to meet building regulations. If you are converting a loft or garage, then this represents new work and will need to conform with regulations and any existing wiring needs to be approved to ensure it can handle the new load. Household electrical services with SE Electrical Services ensure that your house rewiring is carried out by qualified and professional electricians who have years of experience in completing these large projects.

Saving Energy in Your Home

Many households are becoming energy-savvy to help reduce their bills and their carbon footprint. There are several small changes you can make within the home to reduce your energy bills in the long-run, saving you money. Installing LED lighting will use less electricity and give you lightbulbs that last far longer. Oxfordshire homes are saving huge amounts of up to 65% on their energy bills by installing solar panels. Solar energy not only provides electricity to your home but any surplus energy can be sold back to the grid, meaning that homes can actually make money on the energy they don’t use. Homeowners can also reduce their carbon footprint by switching their energy provider to a green energy provider. Green energy suppliers provide renewable energy produced from windmills, sunmills, hydro technology and solar farms using natural sources of wind, sun and water. Reducing your energy bills can also be done by simply turning your heating down by one degree, turning down radiators of rooms that are rarely used and switching off lights when they are not necessary. Homeowners in the UK are also benefitting from using a smart meter which lets you monitor exactly how much energy you are using, encouraging people to use less – and save money.

electrical services in witney

Household Electrical Services Keeping You Safe

Steve Evans of SE Electrical Services states that paying the money for solar panels to be installed in your home will undoubtedly save you money in the long-term, also updating your appliances so that you are using the most energy efficient will use less electricity and lower your bills. But what about the most important aspect to household electrical services? Steve says that many people just assume their homes are safe and that wiring does not need to be checked, but this has sadly cost people their lives when fires occur in the home. Dodgy wiring, the absence of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors are all major contributors in keeping your home safe. If you have recently moved into your new house, then it is vital for you to have the wiring checked, especially if the house is more than 25 years old. SE Electrical Services offer all services to ensure your home is safe and without risk. If you are in any doubt at the safety of your home, then get in touch today for us to arrange a time to come and check your house. We can also advise you on how you can reduce your energy bills to save money.

SE Electrical Services specialise in providing household electrical services in and around the Witney area. We have over ten years’ experience in offering first-class electrical services to homes and commercial companies. Locally based in Witney, Oxfordshire, SE Electrical Services look after many households and businesses throughout the area and beyond. We are available for simple repairs to large projects and have many returning customers who know they can rely on our professional services.